VMWare ESX Hosting

It is important precisely for small and medium-sized enterprises to use existing resources as efficiently as possible. By installing the hosted virtualization platform of the VMware ESX server we help you not only to increase your flexibility but support you in cutting your IT costs.


So how does that work? The VMware ESX server partitions your physical server such that several virtual machines can be executed on a single server. The resources of the physical server are treated as a uniform pool which is assigned to the virtual machines in a controlled manner. There is no data exchange between the virtual machines. Applications can only communicate with each other via configured network connections, secured by a firewall.


What is more, the VMware ESX server will help to make your IT landscape safer and enhance the continuity of your everyday operations. Critical patches, new applications, and operating systems are tested in the secure environment of the virtual machine. They can be returned to the original status via the unique snapshot function. Don’t be consumed by your IT! Use your resources intelligently! Call us today!



“For an infrastructure operator, clean processes and a high level of quality are of the utmost importance. Combined with the ambition to regularly exceed customer expectations, the cooperation with Braintower is a great pleasure and I can fully concentrate on my core competencies.”

Kilian Burger, IT & Data Director 

Web hosting

Conventional providers will give you very inexpensive packages. Unfortunately, the down side is that usually the packages are very rigid. Braintower offers you greater flexibility.


You will, of course, have all the services you expect from other providers. But with us, you don’t just get preconfigured packages. Your solution has been attuned to your requirements. We work hand in hand with you. Don’t pay for what you don’t need but just for services that are tailor-made to suit your requirements.


You also benefit from our personal service. Our experts support your individual requirements. We will answer any technical questions you may have. Naturally, we can also easily install special modules and applications on our servers.

DNS Hosting

We host your domains on our own DNS servers. We provide you with a web interface to freely edit the DNS records of your domains easily.


If you already have a primary DNS server or procure hosting from us, we will provide the requisite secondary DNS server. The DNS can of course also be configured so that Braintower is not visible as provider to outsiders (via Whois or DNS inquiries).


Large companies usually have very many DNS domains. Looking after them is very complex and time-consuming because of the different rules in the different registries. If you wish, we will handle the entire registration process for you. So you only have one central contact for all domain issues.