Catch a problem before it escalates

This is how it works: the Braintower services must be matched flexibly with your requirements which we define with you after a phase of analysis. This enables you to achieve the highest relevance and reliability using Braintower’s IT management service. It covers the structuring and operation of IT management systems in companies of any size. Based on our many years of experience we can give you the very best support in linking up to any third systems.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

You are completely free in the choice of your individual IT management solution – from the independent in-house solution, which permits the integration of existing systems, through to the inexpensive, cloud-based complete solution. You decide which components are to be used: monitoring, reporting and/or additional management tools.
The flexibility of the systems is also reflected in complete mulita-client capability, which means that they are also suitable for service providers. Individual access authorisations ensure that users only see what they are really entitled to see.

Even more performance

Additional management tools can be connected and automatically configured based on the monitoring system and the information stored on the IT infrastructure and its correlations. So you get great added value at little expense.

A few examples:

  • Backup and checking of versions for the configuration of network devices.
  • Automatic discovery of components and users connected to the network.
  • Integration of a Wiki to document components and services.

IT Monitoring

Your company depends on its IT infrastructure functioning correctly. If you want to avoid failures in future, the monitoring of your hosts and services should be an essential component of your company IT.

Be proactive

The monitoring system can recognise bottlenecks and problems before any potential failure so that you can respond in good time. This leads not only to an enhancement of service quality but also strengthens faith in the IT infrastructure.
Braintower Technologies uses the “Nagios” tool for monitoring which has since become the industrial standard in matters of monitoring. Nagios’ source code is freely available, so the monitoring system can be adapted flexibly to your existing IT infrastructure.

Further advantages

You clearly define the systems, services and business processes to be monitored. Detailed escalation levels for individual areas and faults permit management to be involved automatically. Managers are notified precisely as they wish (e-mail, text message, telephone, etc.).
Our many years of experience in monitoring have led to a reliable class library for the individual development of customised solutions. Benefit from hundreds of ready-to-use checks for all popular operating systems and applications.
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Reporting provides you with an overview of the efficiency of your entire IT infrastructure at any time. You are given a long-term trend on its capacity utilisation and can therefore easily recognise areas which are overloaded or not fully utilised. Organise the capacity of your IT infrastructure with the assistance of our reporting solutions and go easy on your budget by recognising and avoiding oversized lines, for example.
It’s also a lot easier to plan long-term acquisitions for your company IT: thanks to our reporting solutions you are given a trend about your IT capacity utilisation which will then help you to make correct decisions.

The right level of service

Reporting is based on the Open Source tool Cacti, using which Braintower Technologies has developed its own solution to monitor your service levels. We also offer a “full service solution” for reporting your service levels and your IT infrastructure.


  • Early recognition of performance bottlenecks
  • Planning assistance for IT acquisitions
  • Full service solution (optional)
  • Help in recognising and localising acute problems


"hello world!"

This is not your ordinary monitoring.

Augoory combines the power of algorithms, in order to bring any kind of data automatically into the form you need.

Augoory’s architecture is open. Your existing tools can be integrated into Augoory to make your investment successful.

Do you need geographical associations? Deviations from historical data? A glimpse into the future of your IT systems? Augoory cares. It is your personal Big Data Tool.

Our fifteen years of expertise has grown during ongoing operations. Augoory makes our clients better at their most important work. Its next masterpiece could be your IT.


When you need it…

Pattern Recognition

Augoory is the further development of known methods for monitoring of IT systems. Instead of showing only the utilization or availability, Augoory also monitors the quality of an applications response from the end users perspective. The analysis and evaluation of the results are in real time. This is unique.

Instead of replacing you, we want to make you better.

service Tree

The evaluation of your system is taking into account the contents of a configuration management database (CMDB). The Service Tree that opens up, bundles the knowledge around IT services and systems at a central location. Person-specific knowledge and the associated risks will be reduced thereby.


We stand in the forefront

Best of Breed

We work with open source solutions. And that already for a long time. Our developers are actively involved in the monitoring community. For our customers, this means not only the avoidance of costly software licenses but access to the knowledge pool of thousands of dedicated developers around the world. This is the power that makes Augoory the perfect Next Generation Monitoring Tool.

Your view into the future

Predictive Analytics

Future predictions are as old as humanity and have lost nothing of its fascination. Automatic forecast of interferences and disruptions due to the analysis of historical data will become reality with Augoory. Because of meaningful patterns, managers can predict complex economic relationships and use this knowledge to make better decisions.


Customers describe Augoory

Augoory in use

“We were able to increase the availability of IT services by 20% and reduce the time for troubleshooting by 40%”

Award for Augoory!

CeBIT 2016

That is why Augoory was awarded by Initiative Mittelstand, at the CeBIT 2016, with the Innovation Award IT, in the category System Management.



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Every IT system and every IT infrastructure is individual and needs an equally individual concept when it comes to the appropriate IT monitoring & reporting solution. If you have questions about monitoring and reporting, or would like to learn more about the Innovation Award IT winning solution Augoory, feel free to contact us anytime.




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