Welcome to the guardians of the networks

At Braintower we’ll give you access to exciting projects If you enjoy making customers happy and you’re not put off by big challenges, then we want to work with you.

More than just a workplace.

Braintower is more than just a workplace for us: it’s a piece of extended family. This includes taking responsibility and helping each other out. Putting your ego on the back burner. We listen, show respect and consideration and accept the limits of the individual. Here you can also make a mistake, as long as you learn from it. This is just as important as being able to laugh or cry together. We support each other, pitch in bravely and sometimes just clown about – to propel ourselves back into high performance mode again. Our community is something special and we’re proud of that. Our customers also see this. Together we achieve everything.

Our office


For some, it’s only Schlackenbergstrasse 41a, 66386 St. Ingbert – for a few initiates, it’s the place where the world gets taken off its hinges on 350 sqm. Situated directly next to the forest, our bright office spaces are a second home far away from home. After all, this is where we spend a large part of the day.

Flat hierarchies


There are places where the boss gives orders and everyone nods, even though everyone knows that what they’re being told to do won’t work. This doesn’t happen at Braintower. We discuss things vigorously and sometimes decide democratically and in the meeting, the trainee’s idea can find more support than the boss’s. Position is nothing. Application is everything. Roll your sleeves up and get going!



We want you. This may sound strange, but that’s the way it is. The people working at Braintower are firefighters and they extinguish all kinds of fires. The drum master sets the beat and the site manager creates the architecture that holds everything together. We’re individuals, far more than our job title, which wants to press us into a mold. We’re telling you: Leave nothing of yourself at home. Bring every aspect of your personality. Trust us, because we know: It’s your passion that makes us stronger.

Free refill


The coffee never stops flowing in our fully-equipped kitchen. There’s always fresh fruit and an interesting magazine lying around somewhere. Just sit down on the couch every now and then, cuddle with the dog and then get back to focusing on your work. And if you need to work overtime, dinner is on the house. We know: The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.

Braintower – a family-friendly company


Family and private life are important to us. We take the personal situation of our colleagues into consideration. With part-time models, flexible working hours, the obvious use of parental leave or the option of working from home at any time, we want to ensure that work and private life do not have to compete with each other. A skilled parent- and nursing-guide is continuously trained in the issues and assists our employees in such cases.

Perks & Benefits

Work has changed. It is part of our life all the time. You can have a job anywhere that feeds your kids. But is that enough for you? At Braintower we offer a whole range of perks and additional benefits. That sounds like a lot, but it’s normal for us. It is part of our corporate culture.

long seniority

There are a few who have been here since their trainee years. 5 years plus are quite common.

team events

Poker Nights, bowling or hardware tinkering. You name it.


Can be reduced by going home earlier on other days.

coffee machine

Cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato, hot chocolate – everything is there … and for the fans of an Americano, of course, there is also a classic coffee machine.

part time

After consultation of course possible.

flat hierarchies


age mix

From 20 to 45. And beyond.

fruits for free

Not only does it look good. It tastes delicious too.

casual friday

We are always casual. Competence does not need a tie.

public transportation

The Station “Schlackenbergstrasse” is not even five minutes walk away from our office.

summer party

… and an opulent Christmas party.

free cold drinks

Water in all variations. Juices or sodas. Everything’s on the house.

start up

Not really. We’ve been around since 2002. But we kept the startup culture. but are a bit more organized.

employer-funded pension

Of course, one can conclude about the company a corporate pension contract. Or bring an existing one. We also give you an additional 20%. Because your private pension is important.

project responsibility

We work exclusively project-related. So our employees have immediate project responsibility.


Green power 😉

The way we work.

We work by three simple ground rules:


This way of working is easy for us. It’s not our style to sell the customer something out of the box quickly that doesn’t really solve the issue. That’s why we listen carefully to our clients and find out what’s going on. They benefit from our many years of experience in the enterprise environment. Only when it’s clear where we have to start and where the path shall lead, will we move on to action and actively work towards achieving these goals.

With method:


We don’t just set targets and start working. We work with method. At Braintower an adapted Kanban procedure has proven to be suitable. Kanban lives from the visualization of the work process. So we always know exactly where we stand. Because many requirements can change during a project, the way to the goal is described agilely. It is important for us to know where we stand in comparison to the desired goal and to know where development must be aligned. Kanban allows us to flexibly react to changes and know just what has been achieved. So, in the end, we arrive exactly where we wanted to go.

Files, e-mails, notes:


Everyone knows the problem: e-mails are sent to huge mailing lists, but nobody knows about it afterward. Not everyone has important documents at the right moment or they are modified and other employees continue to work with old versions without knowing it, notes are lost.

This is something we would like to do forgo. That’s why we work with the proven project tools Confluence and Jira from Atlassian. All documents are always available, tasks are documented in a structured way and the status is always available online.

For internal communication, we rely on Microsoft teams. What we appreciate about it is the high degree of integration with Office 365. Teams enable our employees to collaborate without having to jump back and forth between individual applications. That gives us time to focus on the essentials: The project we work on together



Through our work with project tools, both we and our clients always have an overview of the project: What has already been achieved? In which time frame? By whom? What problems did we encounter in the process? And of course very important: The billing of our services is accurate and highly transparent. Our clients see these meaningful performance records as a great advantage.

We develop potential