make IT better.

Our products and services pursue one goal: to make our customers better at what they already do best: their job. To achieve this, we work quickly and efficiently, with a focus on what is feasible. We are flexible, and not just when it comes to pricing models. Our services are truly scalable. That’s why they can be found in companies of any size.

Manufacturing & Retail

Work or pleasure – whatever the purpose: we offer the right solution for every job.


Reliably connected: From the as-is analysis to the redesign to the implementation, the Braintower team offers you many years of experience without losing sight of the most important thing: you!

IT Management

Your business depends on functioning IT systems. Here we show you the right tools to detect any failures and threatening risks early on.


Leverage our expertise to find the cloud option that’s best for your business. At Braintower, you get security solutions for all major cloud providers: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

IT Security

It is essential for every company to place security at the heart of its IT strategy and architecture – at best before implementing new systems, but also to continuously protect existing processes and assets from ever-changing IT security threats.


Our powerful hosting solutions focus on our customers’ needs for more flexibility and customization.

Service Agreement

When does IT fail? Exactly: when it cannot happen under any circumstances. With the Braintower service agreement, you can’t avoid every incident but minimize its impact. Discover how!