9 out of 10 companies were already victims of a cyber attack

Braintower is the partner to secure your IT. Our approach pursues the goal of comprehensively protecting you against potential dangers. Our services range from network and Internet security through anti-virus software or awareness training of your employees to automated patch management. With us, you get a complete security concept, perfectly tailored to your needs. Everything from a single source, directly on site in the Saarland and far beyond.

Trust is good


Viruses, worms, horses: as many crimes as now, were never committed via the Internet. Especially for companies, the impact is increasingly serious. A sophisticated security concept ensures that your IT is protected against viruses, hackers, and industrial espionage. there are at the beginning of the questions: What is the status of your IT Security? Is the data sufficiently protected? Where do we see security holes, where is potential for improvement? Braintower offers you a free initial consultation and examination of your IT environment. Do not leave anything to chance, but trust our security experts.

Cyber Security


Disguised as an e-mail attachment in an application, as an automatic download on the reputable website or directly integrated into programs: Malware can lurk everywhere. But being aware of this danger is not enough. It’s your job to plan for your business and protect your IT as well as possible against malware. Cyber attacks can be easily prevented before damage occurs: with anti-virus software, an intelligent firewall concept, an effectively constructed patch management, and sandbox solutions. It does not have to be complicated or expensive. Benefit from transparent and individual advice with Braintower.

IT Security & Reliability


A clear concept forms the basic framework for a sustained, secure and therefore reliable IT. Unlike an individual, uncoordinated solutions that ultimately only lead to more problems, rather than to facilitate the work, you get a coherent plan of Brain Tower. Our advice comes without complicated technical terms and instead relies on clarity. Our goal is always that you can fully concentrate on your job can – we take care of the rest.

Antivirus software

The malicious programs that threaten your IT environment are countless, diverse and subject to constant evolution. As soon as computer viruses and Trojans have been brought under control, worms and ransomware are developing into an unexpected threat. With our antivirus offers your IT is always optimally protected against the current dangers. We are happy to explain the strengths and weaknesses of the various manufacturers to find the right virus protection for you – if you want including maintenance routines and updates. One thing is clear though: Effective protection against malicious software does not end with virus scanners.

Employee training

IT security begins with awareness and training of staff, coupled with clear communication of the internal rules of conduct for information security. These include at least eight-digit passwords consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. The password should be stored securely in a central location and not stick to the monitor as post-IT. Special security requirements can be established by additional use of access protection, password or biometric systems. We gladly support you.

Backup strategy

The trust that business partners, customers, and employees place in your company is the most valuable asset. This trust is based on that you have the ability to safely ensure the security of the data provided to you at any time. With a backup strategy specially tailored to your company, Braintower as a Saarland full-service system house supports you in securing all relevant documents, databases, and files in a data center in the Saarland. As with all our services, you remain completely flexible in terms of data volume.

Penetration test

Any connection to the Internet is synonymous with an increased security risk for your network. But can you, your employees and your customers still work without internet? Abstinence is not a solution. Braintower offers a meticulous penetration test that ensures your business can continue to enjoy all the benefits of the World Wide Web without being a target for criminals.
For this, we use methods of social engineering to test how well your staff is prepared for attacks on the network.


Today’s threats are increasingly sophisticated and often bypass the traditional malware security by mask their malicious activities. A sandbox extends your security architecture by scanning the threats in a separate, secure environment. Braintower helps you establish a powerful and secure sandbox environment to stop targeted attacks and subsequent data loss.

Patch management

Constantly annoying pop-ups remind of the fact that the software would have to be brought up to date with an update? It is not the time to carry out the update in the stressful workday. The result: programs that are outdated and become a serious vulnerability for your IT. With Patch Management, Braintower helps you continuously and fully automatically upgrade your software to the latest version.


Forgo a professional firewall? Then you bet that hackers accidentally overlook your business and your employees only go to legitimate websites. If you’re not a keen gambler, then rely on consistent firewall management. This not only protects your network from attacks, but filters out spam and gives you the ability to set specific access rules for your employees. In addition, we are happy to assist you in connecting additional branches or the home office.

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Comprehensive IT strategy and architecture planning is essential in the days of KRACK and WannaCry – either before implementing new systems or optimizing existing processes and assets. In order to improve business processes and create new value through the use of information technology, we recommend vendor-independent solutions tailored to your needs.

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