Keepers of the Network

Networks are our specialty: we are experts in the field. For over 10 years we have satisfied numerous customers with our work. Our extraordinary success in the networks operations is not based on our in-depth knowledge alone.

Always a solution at hand

If the troubleshooting is more difficult or if a 100 percent quality assurance is necessary Braintower will help with words and deeds. Because we know all the vulnerabilities that may occur in the network, and also know how to avoid failures.
We guarantee a smoothly running and customized networ, that will fit your needs – also in heterogeneous IT landscapes. From network analysis to configuration of your security settings, we offer individual solutions according to your wishes.

System Analysis

Before buying new IT equipment, be sure to check their compatibility with the system, to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Before buying new IT equipment, be sure to check their compatibility with the system, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Because if components do not match each other, appropriate interfaces will have to be created afterwards. This leads to unanticipated costs, and possibly also project implementation delays.
Braintower Technologies GmbH can look back on years of experience in complex IT infrastructures: with this knowledge, we can help you in purchasing your hardware and software, and ensure that components are compatible with each other. Let us give you professional advice.

Organizational Analysis

IT infrastructure Evaluation

Security testing and consulting

Defining requirements

Design of tailored and cost-effective solutions

Selecting needs-based hardware


The security issue is safety a critical aspect that needs to be viewed holistically and, as such, always dealt with thoroughly. Because there are numerous sources of risk: hackers, DoS attacks, viruses, trojans, worms, spyware and much more, are funneled through very different paths in your network: network links, spoof emails, via a website or a USB stick.
To ensure that your IT systems – and thus your company’s security and productivity – are fully and adequately protected against manipulation, theft, vandalism or failure, an appropriate security plan must be developed.
There are various methods: through a hardware or software-based firewall, content security, virus protection, internal access protection and, of course, an optimally planned and sophisticated network structure.

Network Security

Data Security

Disk Encryption

E-mail Security

Patch Management