When does something break down in IT?

It happens whenever it hits you really bad. Nobody can prevent it completely but we can mitigate the impact. How does that work? With a Service Agreement from Braintower.

And suddenly the Internet stood still. Since we all work in the cloud: a total disaster. Just an hour later braintower was on spot and solved the problem. 

– Susi Götten, Sonnenschein Reisen

Fast Reaction


An IT service agreement gives you the certainty of knowing you can count on our services at any time. Should you experience a fault, our service agreements guarantee a pre-defined maximum reaction time. For a small monthly charge, you are assured of fast and professional assistance. All services covered by the agreement are included in a single monthly charge.

Monitoring IT

What is so good in our Service Agreement is our monitoring. Our Monitoring tool Augoory was awarded the Innovation Prize of the Initiative Mittelstand. EDP systems which we monitor in that way show proactively looming problems or errors. So we can respond, even before these problems affect your daily business.

Reduced Hourly Wages

Service Agreement customers are our most loyal customers. Depending on the extent of the Service Agreement, you can expect a reduction of the regular hourly rates. We offer you an attractive, fifteen-minute billing cycles. The provision is broken down comprehensible in monthly reports. The advantages are obvious, particularly in service contracts, which include a quota of hours.

We Are Your Partner - Not Just Technical

As a competent IT service provider, we support you not only in the technical situation but also have legal aspects in mind. Regarding these legal requirements, new regulations have risen in recent years, which are often insufficiently covered by small and medium-sized enterprises. We are no lawyers but see ourselves as a full-service provider. This includes a holistic approach to the customer’s situation.

Contractual Period

We agree in previously defined terms with you. At certain intervals, we all sit down at a table and discuss the working hours. Packages can be adapted flexibly according to the collected experience of the last few months. Our cyclical reports increase not only the transparency of the services provided but give you an overview of your technical infrastructure. So, we optimize your investment planning.

In Braintower we’ve found an IT service provider who understands our situation. We must keep our patient data for 30 years. So we need for sure a special backup systems. Braintower has supported us very well. 

– Thorsten Eich, KKH St. Ingbert

Better Save Then Sorry

As responsible IT service provider, we are aware that mistakes can happen. Therefore, we are insured, if a system failure or data loss on our part was caused by an error. We assure you until now we never had to fall back.

Adjustable Maintenance Windows

As a trusted partner, we can easily anticipate the work that needs to be done in your IT environment and therefore are how time-consuming that will be. While we adapt the maintenance periods fit your business. Of course, we discuss the maintenance work with you after an assessment, so that productivity is not affected. Also to urgent security update installation, been taken care of by our experienced engineers in close consultation with your team..

Remote Maintenance

If possible braintower performs all work via remote maintenance and remote diagnosis. So, directions are omitted. Service provision can be much more flexible and faster. Usually, we use TeamViewer, for this.

Tailor-Made Response

With the Service Agreement, we will ensure guaranteed response time to our customers. You decide what that will look like in detail. We hold an extensive spare parts warehouse of critical components for a quick troubleshooting in the event of a fault. In addition, we are one of the IT system houses in the Saarland, which have its own workshop in-house. So we can provide free replacement parts or equipment for hire for the duration of the repair.

Give Us A Call

gladly we submit you an individual offer

Each IT system and any IT infrastructure is unique and needs an individual approach for care and maintenance. If you have any questions about the braintower service agreement or to any other solution and product, you can contact us at any time.
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