About teccle group

why we are part of the teccle group

The teccle group brings together top-tier experts from diverse fields under one umbrella. We specialize in assisting German middle-class businesses by providing consultancy, implementing, operating, and enhancing IT systems, applications, and digital workflows. With a nationwide presence and a comprehensive suite of services, we ensure top-quality support for our clients, delivered directly to their doorstep.

Our ethos at the teccle group revolves around smartly consolidating expertise. We excel in fostering close collaboration across organizational boundaries, leveraging a groundbreaking operational framework. By deeply understanding our clients, their business structures, and their unique requirements on a local level, we’re able to provide tailored innovation and skill sets through a flexible network within the group.

What the teccle group has to offer its clients and employees.

At the teccle group, our mission is to simplify IT complexities for our clients, streamlining operations for both them and their employees across the board.

streamlined experience for clients

Armed with a deep understanding of our clients’ business models, we adeptly guide them through their increasingly digital journey of value creation. With personalized contacts, they gain access to our extensive network of experts.

streamlined experience for employees

Employees are the backbone of our organization. The teccle group offers them flexibility, professional growth opportunities, and a platform for collaborative innovation. This fosters an environment where everyone feels empowered and can contribute effectively. Our employees play an active role in shaping the group, ensuring that clients always receive the optimal and most tailored solutions for their needs.

“Braintower’s expertise is genuinely exceptional. The potential we’ve unlocked for the group through their contribution is immense.”

Markus Wolf

Co-founder and Executive Colleague at teccle group

Braintower – a strong part of the teccle group.

As Braintower, we’ve been integrated into the teccle group since 2024, bringing our consulting and solution expertise in networking and security. Through our familiar personal interface, we provide clients with access to the extensive skills of all group members.